Recent Submissions

  • Final Report of the Commission of Inquiry 18 DEC 18 

    Government of Zimbabwe (2018)
    The report includes Findings and recommendations by the Commission following the 1 August 2018 events.

    Amnesty International (2019)
    This briefing analyses events and the context, and documents key human rights concerns in months prior to, during and following the national stay-away protests which started on 14 January 2019 and ended on 16 January 2019. ...
  • Political Violence report 2008 

    Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum (2008)
    In this report for 2008,there are certain trends and characteristics which have been attendant on the incidents reported to the Human rights Forum which rebut the denial of ZANU PF that in most instances the violence that ...
  • Organised Violence and Torture report: April to June 2018 

    Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum (2018)
    The month of April also witnessed increasing tensions between the government and its employees with the government failing to respond to the concerns of workers in the public sector. This led to another strike by nurses, ...
  • An Analysis On Political Violence Reports 

    Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum (2017)
    Predisposing the Scourge of Political Violence.Political violence in Zimbabwe has always been a cause for concern. It curses our society. Very little effort or headway has been made to address this historical problem.
  • NTJWG Pre Election Transitional Justice Briefing 

    Human Rights Watch (2018)
    The report presents areas of concern as Zimbabweans head for the polls in the first post-Mugabe election. It is a tightly contested election pitting a post-Tsvangirai opposition coalition and a post-Mugabe ruling party. ...
  • May OVT Report 2017 

    Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum (2017)
    The Forum documented violations relating to economic, social and cultural rights. The right to education continues to be violated by school authorities that turn children away over non-payment of school fees and levies.
  • 2013 ZLHR Pre election report 

    ZLHR (2013)
    The harmonised elections set for 31 July 2013 remain perhaps the most significant yet contested polls in the history of Zimbabwe. Not only has the timing of the actual poll been uncertain, but the polls are also approaching ...
  • ZESN Mhondoro Mubaira By elections Report 

    ZESN (2016)
    The by-election was necessitated by the fact that ZANU-PF invoked section 129 (1) (k) of the Constitution which states that a Member of Parliament’s (MP) seat becomes vacant when the MP ceases to belong to the political ...
  • Nkulumane By election Report 

    ZESN (2015)
    The seat fell vacant following the death on 5 October, 2015 of the Movement for Democratic Change-Tsvangirai (MDC-T) incumbent for Nkulumane constituency Honorable ThamsanqaMahlangu. ZESN deployed 14 observers comprising ...
  • E-Ballot news: Is Zimbabwe ready for an election? 

    ZESN (2012)
    In Zimbabwe it has been noted that threats and intimidation have been and are still to bring about certain electoral outcomes.
  • Progress and Gaps as Zimbabwe headed for elections in 2012. 

    ZESN (2012)
    Zimbabwe not ready for Elections says UN
  • ZESN 10th Edition 

    ZESN (2012)
    Progress and Gaps as Zimbabwe headed for elections in 2012.
  • ZESN 11th Edition 

    ZESN (2013)
    The Bulletin Stated that contesting for Elections is expensive in Zimbabwe making it essential that Political parties have funding for them to take part in the polls.
  • ZESN May June 39th Edition 

    ZESN (2016)
    ZEC hold Crucial all stakeholder Conference on Voter Registration.
  • ZESN August Issue 2016 

    ZESN (2016)
    New Amendments to the electoral Act falls short of expectations.
  • ZESN Norton Issue 2016 

    ZESN (2016)
    Contestants call for peaceful participation in Norton By-election.
  • ZESN November Issue 2016 

    ZESN (2016)
    CSOS call for Comprehensive reforms to ensure Democratic Elections.
  • ZESN 43rd Edition 

    ZESN (2017)
    Lessons from Kenya on mass Biometric Voter Registration.
  • ZESN 44th Edition 2017 

    ZESN (2017)
    Success of the BVR process hinged on timeous finalization of requisite processes.

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